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Who is Euro Air?

Euro Air Southeast Asia is a Danish manufacturer of air distribution ducts made of exclusively designed textiles called Airsox. Since 2007 we have been a member of the KE Fibertec Group, the largest manufacturer of textile ducting worldwide. The textile ducts we supply in Southeast Asia are manufactured in our production facility in Vejen, Denmark.

Our weaving mill is the only one in the world designed solely for the production of textile ducting and our quality control and testing procedures set a benchmark for international standards. We proudly celebrate the exceptional and consistent quality of our products.

With our specially developed "TBV Designer" software, our engineers can provide technical documents and CAD drawings for seamless project integration, ensuring an HVAC solution uniquely tailored to your needs.
We look forward to serving you with our bespoke textile ducting systems - no matter your company size.

It's time to embrace a better indoor climate for your staff, your colleagues, your customers and yourself.

It’s time for Euro Air.​


If you are located in Denmark, Germany, England, or the USA, please contact our sister companies and colleagues at KE Fibertec who have taken over the distribution of Euro Air products in these countries.

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Our goal is to replace the outdated, cumbersome and unhygienic air distribution systems of the past with a smarter, simpler and greener indoor climate alternative.

We’re committed to a philosophy of close collaboration with our customers. For us, technical competence, demonstrated commitment, and continued reliability are every bit as important as making a sale.

That’s why we start with your system requirements and work tirelessly to provide solutions that will match or even exceed your expectations.

We recognize that just like people, every indoor environment is different. So we’ve made it our mission to continually improve our products, strengthen our R&D, and streamline our logistics. All in the name of delivering a better indoor climate for any building, regardless of shape or size.


At Euro Air Southeast Asia, we believe in customer relationships that extend further than the next delivery. That’s why we measure success in terms of: 

  • Dialogue and collaboration 
  • Innovation and flexibility, whatever it takes to meet your special requirements
  • Convenient, quick and professional customer interactions
  • Timely delivery and lightning-fast set-up; we know that your time is valuable
  • Honest communication, always
  • Promoting health, safety, and sustainability
  • Improving the environment, indoors and out

We’ve been a major player in the textile based ventilation market for the last 20 years, and we want to continue being your trusted partner for the next 20 years as well.


Euro Air A/S
Industrivej Vest 21
DK-6600 Vejen
T: +45 74 84 28 80
E: info@euroair.eu


Euro Air SEA Ltd - Vietnam 
Room 409, HITC Building, 239 Xuan Thuy, Dich Vong, Cau Giay, Hanoi
Mobile: +84902075188
Phone: +84(0)243 7686 260
Email: info@euroair-sea.com