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The Flexrail system is a suspended aluminum rail that offers easy installation, quick removal and great design. The rail is suspended only vertically with either threaded beams or wire strap-ups, making it a great choice for areas where horizontal fixation isn't an option. Since the rails run evenly along the entire length of the duct there are usually less rows of suspension equipment required than with other systems. 1-3 rows of rail can be used depending on the diameter of the associated textile duct.



The Wingrail system is an aluminium rail designed to be installed directly onto walls or ceilings. It’s most commonly used for mounting half-round and quarter round shaped ducts but can occasionally be applied to full round systems as well. The Wingrail system offers all the benefits of the Flexrail system but is suspended at a far lower profile, reducing the amount of space required for installation as well as the total weight of the system. It’s a great choice for snug corners and cramped indoor environments.



The simple Wire suspension system is the most commonly used of all our suspension types. It offers easy adjustability and, thanks to its light weight, exceptionally easy transport. The wire requires horizontal fixation as well as vertical strap-ups. 1-3 rows of wire can be used depending on the diameter of the associated textile duct. 

Internal Rings


Internal rings make textile ducts used with rails look fully inflated even while air handling units or fans have been switched off. This preserves your design decisions, prevents any excess noise from being produced by inflating fabrics, and reduces the amount of wear and tear on suspension systems and textile surfaces alike. All this serves to improve comfort while dramatically extending the systems lifespan. Internal rings consist of 3mm or 4mm stainless steel hoops placed every 500mm to 1000mm. The rings are fixed in place with Velcro straps for easy installation and removal, making washing cycles a breeze. Most full round duct systems will come with internal rings already installed, though ducts with larger dimensions may require additional assembly on site.

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