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Nozzle System

Nozzle Systems can be used in many different situations but are ideal for rooms with high ceilings due to the long throw generated by the nozzle. As with the DFC System, Euro Air nozzles propel air away from the textile duct, ensuring optimal air distribution.

The orientation of the nozzles varies depending on the desired application - heating, cooling or ventilation.

For heating, the nozzles are pointed downwards to force hot air into the occupied zone of the space. If the nozzles are used for either cooling or ventilation they’re typically placed facing horizontally or upwards. This creates mixed ventilation in the area around the duct.

Multiple rows of nozzles can be introduced into a single duct to allow for hybrid functionality.

The Nozzle System is an ideal solution for spaces where ducts can only be placed far away from the inhabited zone of the room/building. The nozzles ensure that even with suboptimal duct placement, an optimal, even air distribution will be achieved.


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