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Permeable System

The Permeable System—also known as a low impulse system—applies the displacement principle for optimal cooling purposes. Cool air is uniformly released from the surface of the duct and, thanks to the higher density of cold air, drops down to collect in the occupied area of the space. Simple, effective, and draft-free. 


Typical flow pattern for textile duct handling a cooling
application at a ΔT of -3' K.


The large surface area of the Permeable System’s duct enables a high air exchange rate without the need for high velocity air flow. This low velocity, high air exchange rate is achieved with a simple fan housed with the duct. Static pressure generated by this fan forces clean, ventilated air through the textile’s surface, allowing it to deliberately leak or bleed into the surrounding environment.

Permeable System - Cooling

For cooling purposes, the entire textile surface functions as a single large diffuser. Cold air is dispatched underneath the textile system where it displaces warmer air in the room below. Depending on the ΔT, the cool air’s acceleration towards the floor will vary.

Permeable System - Cooling - ΔT below -3°C 

Permeable System - Isotherm (ventilation)

When the Permeable System is used for ventilation or isothermal temperatures, the inlet air will spread evenly into the room in all directions.


Permeable System - Isotherm - ΔT = 0°C

Permeable System - Heating

Permeable Systems aren’t recommended for heating purposes since the lower density of warm air will cause heat to escape from the textile surface and move upwards towards the ceiling. We recommend using a High Impulse Element to force the air into the occupied zone instead. This can be done using our DFC, Nozzle, Injekt or Hybrid System solutions.


Permeable System - Heating - ΔT above +3°C


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