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Euro Air provides a wide variety of specialized air distribution systems, each one featuring a dynamic modular design. With so much flexibility, a bespoke solution for any showroom, cinema, theatre, or auditorium is all but guaranteed, regardless of size.


When the Royal Shakespeare Company committed to renovating the Swan Theatre in Stratford upon Avon, they boldly declared that “the show must go on!” To keep the plays running and the crowds entertained, they chose to construct a high quality temporary theatre nearby.

A building services consultant, Mr. Doug King, was hired to oversee the construction of this temporary theatre. King’s team was in need of an effective, lightweight ventilation system to keep the space comfortable and cool for actors and audiences alike. But King’s budget was tight, and his timeline was even tighter. 

That’s when King found Euro Air. 

“It was a project that demanded flexible and fast suppliers if it was to maintain programme and budget. Euro Air’s textile ducting was an obvious choice precisely because it is so flexible and fast[,]" says King. 

Euro Air helped King and his team select, design and supply a bespoke textile ducting solution for the temporary theatre. The system’s simple modular design and lightning fast set-up checked all the boxes, guaranteeing top quality comfort at a remarkably competitive price point. 

“They really involved themselves in the project and were very dedicated to their work. The installed system works in an optimum way and the theatre is very satisfied with the solution,” King reports. 

To paraphrase the Bard himself, “some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them—but everyone needs Euro Air.”

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