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Euro Air provides a DFC System to help the famous CliniClowns in Holland to entertain sick children

 The CliniClowns are a group of entertainers committed to livening up the lives of sick children in the Netherlands. The CliniClowns live stream many of their performances from their headquarters in Amersfoort, giving children all over the country an opportunity to enjoy the show.

The CliniClowns HQ is housed in a renovated building in the historic NS Complex, a protected monument that once served  as a regional railway hub. It's a prestigious location to call home, but one that comes with its own fair share of challenges. 

The historic building has been renovated numerous times over the years, but is still prone to drafts and chills in winter and stuffy heat in summer. This posed a major problem for the CliniClowns, who use the location as a training facility and office space with strict demands for comfort. 

Since the building is a protected historic structure, the CliniClowns were unable to install the typical galvanized steel HVAC system, which would have been too heavy and architecturally destructive to set up. Instead, they turned to Euro Air.  


Euro Air installed a lightweight DFC Induction System ideally suited to the layout of the CliniClowns’ headquarters. As an old railway workshop with particularly long and thin dimensions, the CliniClowns’ HQ was a perfect match for the straight-running DFC Induction ducts. 

The DFC Induction System uses directional flow control baffles to project inlet air away from the surface of the textile duct, ensuring a uniform air distribution along the entire length of the system. 

The result was a drip, draft and hassle free solution for the CliniClowns. 

Euro Air textile ducts can be customized by colour, shape, size and system, guaranteeing a bespoke solution to any architectural or engineering design challenge.

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