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12 Reasons Euro Air is the Perfect Fit for You

Euro Air’s cutting edge textile ducting solutions are a perfect fit for your next design project, no matter the shape or size.

  • Draft and Dead Zone Free:

Textile ducts distribute air evenly through any indoor space, providing an optimal indoor climate free from uncomfortable drafts and dead zones.

  • Significant Energy Savings:

Textile ducts function with much lower system operating pressures than traditional air distribution systems. More efficient heating, cooling and ventilation reduces overall energy costs. 

  • Future Proofed Materials:

All of our textile ducts are produced in our very own weaving mill in Vejen, Denmark. They are quality controlled to meet the very highest international standards, guaranteeing a reliable, long-lasting product.

  • Weight Reductions:

Textile ducts are 70-80% lighter than galvanized steel, dramatically reducing shipping costs and making installation and maintenance a breeze.

  • Structural Stress Reductions:

Lightweight textile materials reduce stress on architectural supports and ceiling infrastructure. They also eliminate the need for high-impact suspension systems.

  • Intuitive Installation:

With lightweight, flexible materials and a convenient modular layout, textile ducting is incredibly easy to install, accelerating build times and reducing installation overheads.

  • Custom Designs:

Textile ducts can be customized by colour, shape, size and air distribution system. You can mix and match between textiles, ventilation methods, and suspension systems to produce a bespoke solution tailor-made for you.

  • Non Corrosive & Condensation Free:

Textile ducts are produced from non-corrosive, air and water permeable fabric materials. This eliminates the build up of condensation and denies potentially harmful bacteria a space to grow.

  • Improved Hygiene:

Textile ducts are easy to take down, clean and reinstall, encouraging a healthier and more hygienic indoor environment.

  • Flame Retardant:

Textile ducts are produced from flame retardant materials. They are highly resilient even in environments with extreme indoor air temperatures.

  • Noise Reducing:
    Textile ducting dramatically reduces ambient noise by eliminating vibrating metal components. 
  • Happier, more Productive Staff:

Textile ducting improves workplace hygiene, eliminates distracting ambient noise, and optimizes comfort, resulting in happier, more productive staff.

It’s time to embrace a better indoor climate for your clients, your colleagues, your customers and yourself. It’s time for Euro Air. Visit www.euroair-sea.com/en/contact/ and talk to us today about a bespoke textile ducting solution that’s just right for you.


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