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Why Textile Ducting?

Textile ducting provides a more effective and energy-efficient alternative to traditional air distribution systems.

Textile ducts allow clean air to exit evenly through the material’s lightweight and flexible surface. This creates an optimal, draft-free indoor environment. They can also be customised by shape, colour, size and system, providing a bespoke solution to any architectural or engineering design challenge.

The lightweight material and modular design makes textile ducting easy to set up, and even easier to take down, clean and reinstall—improving installation times by up to 70% while greatly reducing stress on load-bearing structures.

The textile material is non-corrosive, heat resistant, and moisture permeable, resulting in a condensation-free experience. The material further serves to filter inlet air, guaranteeing a more comfortable and hygienic indoor climate for your staff, your colleagues, your customers and you.

With lower system operating pressure and Cradle to Cradle certification, textile ducting is also greener than traditional galvanized steel. It is fast becoming the smart choice for real estate developers, architects, designers and engineers in search of sustainable and future-proofed ventilation solutions.

Textile ducting provides:

  • An optimal indoor climate free of drafts and dead zones

  • Energy savings with lower system operating pressures

  • Less stress on ceiling infrastructure with 70-80% savings on weight

  • Faster, quicker, easier, and cheaper installation, ideal for retrofitting

  • Modular designs with customisable colours, shapes and sizes

  • Flexible materials enabling unconventional placement and easy servicing

  • A more hygienic, efficient and happier workplace with ducts that are easy to clean and reinstall

  • Ducts that are non-corrosive, heat resistant, and moisture permeable

  • A more even air distribution compared to traditional steel ducting (see below)


SBV400px.png   TBV400px.png

Traditional Steel Duct layout


Textile Duct layout

 For more information about textile ducting contact our sales department.


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