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What are the basic principles of Airsox?

Euro Air’s exclusively designed textile ducts are called Airsox. They’re designed to distribute cold, heated or ventilated air through any building, regardless of size, and can be customized to meet a wide variety of air flow, air velocity and air exchange rates.

Airsox provide a far more even distribution of air compared to traditional galvanized steel ducts. Steel ducts create both drafts and dead zones (areas where the air remains  stagnant) depending on one’s proximity or distance from the nearest air vent. By contrast, Airsox distribute air evenly along the surface area of the duct, allowing cold air to pour down and collect uniformly across the inhabited portions of a room.   

Airsox can be installed at very low costs thanks to the lightweight textile material and extremely simple set-up process. This ease of installation also means that textile ducts are very easy to take down, clean and reinstall, encouraging a far cleaner and more hygienic indoor environment. 

Airsox come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes, and can be customized to meet the aesthetic demands of any architectural or engineering design project. They can even be printed with corporate logos upon request. 

Not only do Airsox provide a draft-free indoor environment, they also contribute to workplace productivity. Tests have shown that an increased air ventilation rate from 10 m³/h to 36 m³/h will raise the employee efficiency by 10-20%.

If on the other hand the indoor air temperature is lowered from 25°C to 20°C, workplace productivity will be improved by an additional 10-20%. 

For more information see our case story from a local technical high school in the Netherlands below:

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